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Mobile UX Concepts

//and lots of opinions

Circular Slider In Buoy

This was fun.

Pool Care Recipes

How will that work?

I Make Apps

What does that mean?

Long Term Success

In today's app stores, everyone focuses on the launch... But what's next?

Tableview Selection

Why it's broken, and my attempt at fixing it.

Fini: Almost Done

Prepare for launch!

Direct Business Model

Not every project needs a manager.

Finish: Rework

Why not make it great?

Finish: Data Processing Design

How will the app combine information from multiple sources into one useful app?

Finish: Information Architecture Design

The app needs to read Tweets and keep score... how?

Finish: User Experience Design

My process for turning an idea into an app begins here.

Finish: The One Week Challenge

In my first series of posts, I will document my strategy for launching an iPhone app in one week.

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