The Goal

Get hired by Google, Facebook, Dropbox, or Zipline.


The studying is more necessary for FB / Google / Dropbox, as they want to remove bias as they screen LOTS of engineering candidates each year. They’re actually more concerned with false-positives (accidentally hiring someone mediocre) than with false-negatives (passing on a good candidate). So, they ask more classic computer-science algorithm questions, which are slightly more standardized than typical platform-specific interviews, but unfortunately most people don’t deal with classic algorithms much after school… so, it’s time to study!

I hope to start the phone-screens in July.

Why Not Another Early-Stage Startup?

I want to re-train myself to think deeply & solve difficult problems, at scale, in a sustainable way.

It wasn’t an easy decision, because I loved working at startups & learned a broad spectrum of things by taking on responsibilities far outside the range of a typical engineer.

I’m also eager to surround myself with world-class engineers, learn the skills needed to impact change within a large organization, and grow my personal network. I hope the network will improve my access to better CoFounders, Investors, Clients, and Engineering Recruits for my next venture 5-10 years from now.

Why These 4?

Facebook, Dropbox, and Google are recognizable brand-names that most people associate with a good engineering culture. They work on difficult problems at scale & offer a decent work/life balance.

Zipline is sort-of a wildcard, but it’s just such an interesting company, and I would get to travel to Rwanda & work on a real problem at a point where I could make a significant impact. I think drone technology will be very important in years to come, and the one engineer I know there is certainly world-class. I would just learn so much!

I have only just begun the application process at these companies, and I’m not guaranteed an offer at any of them. In fact, there is a lot of variability in the hiring process at these places… 🤞🏼