I visited my friend Justin Watts & discovered that he has a squat-cage in his garage. Therefore, I needed one.


Even though I don’t have a garage and only rent my home, I can install & use a full-featured gym (squat, bench, pull-ups).


Yes, very few regrets! (see follow-up here: some regrets)


  • Change the floor in my office
  • Buy a bunch of weights
  • Cram it all in there


  • It’s a great conversational piece
  • I work out more often
  • The equipment is fantastic & meets all my needs
  • It’s fun to have friends over to work out


  • The floor material was cheap & has warped so that it bubbles
  • Sometimes, the whole point of going to the gym was to leave the house (not anymore!)

Total Cost

$3.5k – compared to a $60 / month gym, it will pay for itself in 5 years. Compared to a $150 / month crossfit gym, it’s only 2 years. Did I do crossfit before? No, but the numbers make it sound better.

I bought the following equipment:


I really like having this stuff at home. It’s so much fun.

The floor was more difficult than I imagined. We kept the carpet (un-cut), and only had to pull up 1 piece of tac-board at the threshold: Mangled wood w/ nails next to rubber floor

The final floor looked great: nice looking rubber floor

But now it’s warped (due to heat & use), so the pieces don’t fit together anymore (they overlap significantly, no pic). I should have got nicer floors.

It also looks great next to my desk, and the American-flag-pallet really ties the room together: dual monitor desk with flag pallet behind

Plus, I can use my standing-desk, monitor, and web-cam as a mirror to watch my form: john trying to squat too much weight

^^ what a guy!