Why does this website exist?

I want to live intentionally, and I plan to use this site as a tool to:

  • Get better at writing
  • Distill my experiences into publishable lessons
  • Expose my reasoning for open criticism
  • Own my failures & drag them into the light
  • Recall my previous lessons later in life
  • Have fun

Loose inspiration comes from my favorite personal websites: Paul Graham and Gwern Branwen. I respect the personal honesty & transparency of these guys, and the long format of their essays allows for more complete thoughts & stories than most social media platforms.

I have previously written on Medium.com, and I think that’s a great short-term strategy, but I would prefer to control my own content in the long-run (I don’t know what Medium is going to look like in 10 years, and they already show ads & encourage users to download an app). I expect that my personal return-on-investment for my time will be low for the first few years, but compound over time (if I remain diligent).