What Happened?

  • I tried scooting for a while, then gave up.
  • I got another job downtown, parking & traffic stinks.
  • I’m scooting again!

What’s new?

  • Better tires scooter with non-inflatable rubber tires and a dog

Is that all?

  • Yes.

Is it worth it?

  • Yes.


The maintenance was awful, so to reduce it, I got semi-hollow hard rubber tires that aren’t inflatable. They were a pain to install… I had to soften them in boiling water, cover them in grease, and use special tools to pry them around… but 3 hours later, my scooter is basically invincible.


They glow in the dark. This actually makes my co-workers nervous, as a scooter at our SF location recently exploded & caused an evacuation, but I’ve assured them that everything’s fine, my scooter is supposed to glow like that.